Tom Chute and You

Hosted by Tom Chute and News Anchor Frank Marro
Monday - Friday   6:00 - 9:30 Am

Tom          Now in his 30th year as Greater Waterbury’s favorite AM radio host, TOM CHUTE offers daily doses of great humor, contests, lifestyle and news interviews, with surprise guests. Plus he mixes in the greatest hits of the WATR Good Time Oldies collection. Tom started his morning program at WATR in 1985. He has served many charities and organizations in the Waterbury area over the years, and has received many awards and accolades for the Community works that he as done. He is also a multiple award winner in the broadcast industry. Tom is legendary for his good works, his energy, and successful longevity as WATR morning host. Tom worked at a number of Connecticut radio stations over the years, but decided to make WATR his home 29 years ago. He has served the radio station as General Manager since 1995.

Allie       1320 NEWS Director Allison Demers gives the WATR listeners the latest news, weather, traffic and sports information. Allison first began her radio career over 20 years ago at WATR. Since then, she has gone on to be the news director at several well known radio stations around the state and has also worked as a television reporter, newspaper reporter, and even as a traffic reporter. Allison is an award winning, seasoned broadcaster like Tom, and together these two radio hosts entertain and inform you in a positive way all morning long. Tie it all together with FOX NEWS, weather updates from the Ct. Weather Center, plus two endearing personalities and you are good to go!

Coffee Break

Hosted by Barbara Davitt
Monday - Friday 9:30-10:00 Am

Barbara    COFFEE BREAK with BARBARA DAVITT. This well known radio and theater personality hosts this informational community talk show. It’s a perfect way to catch up on what’s going on in Greater Waterbury and the Arts. This year Barbara is celebrating her 52nd anniversary at WATR! A legendary broadcast milestone for a legendary radio host!

Talk of the Town

Hosted by Larry Rifkin
Monday - Friday 10:00-1:00 Pm

Larry       As host of one of Connecticut’s longest running local radio talk programs, each weekday LARRY RIFKIN brings his fair minded brand of topical talk to Central Connecticut. With 40 years of public TV and commercial radio experience, this EMMY winner brings integrity, energy, and excitement to WATR’s well known heritage of talk excellence. Plus 1320 News with Allison Demers and FOX NEWS for up to the minute breaking stories.

Gibson On Fox

Hosted by : John Gibson
Monday - Friday   1:00 - 3:00 Pm

       Gibson Image Here     John Gibson hosts "The John Gibson Show," a nationally syndicated radio program that provides top news coverage and features interviews with leading newsmakers. He joined FOX News in September of 2000 and previously hosted "The Big Story With John Gibson." Prior to joining FNC, Gibson was at MSNBC hosting the network's news talk programs, including "Newschat" and "Internight." He also served as substitute anchor for CNBC's "Rivera Live." Preceding the existence of MSNBC, Gibson hosted a news program for "America's Talking." Before his stint at "America's Talking," Gibson was a West Coast correspondent for NBC News Channel, where he supplied NBC affiliates with live reports on various breaking news events. Gibson also served as an NBC News correspondent based in California, where he provided extensive coverage of key news events, including the O.J. Simpson criminal trial, America's involvement in Mogadishu, Somalia and the invasion of the Branch Davidian Compound in Waco, Texas. Gibson is also the author of The New York Times bestseller "Hating America" and "The War on Christmas."

Tom Sullivan Show

Hosted by : Tom Sullivan
Monday - Friday   3:00 - 6:00 Pm

       TomSullivan Image Here      A topic driven look at news and issues that have an impact on your life; along with give and take discussions at a National level. Tom brings likeability and integrity to his daily FOX and WATR listeners. Also live news reports and breaking news with FOX NEWS hourly updates.

Alan Colmes

Hosted by : Alan Colmes
Monday - Friday   6:00 - 9:00 Pm

       Colmes Image Here      Alan Colmes joined FOX News Channel in 1996. He served as the liberal counterpart and co-host of "Hannity & Colmes," a one-hour debate-driven talk show focusing on controversial newsmakers and issues of the day. After a string of successful radio shows on WNBC, WABC and WMCA in New York, Colmes gained a reputation as a hard-hitting liberal known for his electric commentary on the American agenda. He has interviewed many key political figures, which include Former President Bill Clinton, Vice President Al Gore, Reverend Jesse Jackson, Steve Forbes, New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, Ralph Nader and Ken Starr. Colmes hosted his own self-titled late night radio talk show on WEVD-AM. After penetrating the Boston market with a hit radio show on WZLX, Colmes went from major market success to national talk radio prominence in 1990 with his fast-paced and informative afternoon news-driven show, which aired daily on hundreds of affiliates nationwide. Most recently, he returned to radio as host of a news-driven late-night talk show "The Alan Colmes Show," which is syndicated by the FOX News Channel.

Good Time Oldies

Monday - Friday    9:00 Pm - 6:00 Am
Saturday - Sunday   2:00 Pm - 6:00 Pm

       Image Here       

       Feel like a kid again as WATR features the best oldies from the 60's, 70's and 80's chosen just for you! Overnights fly by and Fox News keeps you updated every hour.